2021 JunctionX Hackathon

Hackathon with barrier-free service Gilbert
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한글 버전으로 읽을 수 있어요

Why do I put myself through much trouble

I participated in Angel Hackathon last year and it was tough for me. so I decided not to attend any hackathon again. but when I saw Junction poster, it made me want to join again. Especially because it is a large scale hackathon participated by large companies such as AWS and Microsoft, etc, the topic seemed difficult, but I really wanted to participate.
Devil's whisper
I wanted to do this good thing(also painful thing) with people around me, so I let them know. One of my peer in company, who had never experienced hackathon, also applied. He must have had a really good experience. Of course we weren't on the team together as always. Because the taste of hackathon is to share pain with new people and become close.
The biggest reason why I participate in hackathon is that 'making new thing with people who have similar interest with me' is a good. I'm interested in startup and I can meet many people who are similar with me by doing hackthon. Besides, some brilliant people! also I can get new project after hackathon and learn new idea from other team. I mentioned only the good side about hackthon, but this is why I stay up all night and do hackathon.

Junction X Log

before start
I was able to meet people who met in hackathon and ideathon on the team building channel. how glad to see them. Hackathon allows me to meet similar people continuously.
The First Day
Hackathon began and Microsoft, AWS, Autocrypt and SIA announced their tracks. Among them, the one of Autocrypt and SIA was the most interesting. On a side note, Autocrypt had a good outlook for the company, so I thought I wanted to buy stocks.
After the track announcement, our team met at Google Meet to discuss the track and ideas right away. At first, there was some confusion due to the difficulty of the subject, but the flow could be organized by using Notion and Figma. I realized again that the collaboration tools are important in hackathon.
We came up with the idea and flow quickly under the keyword 'companion' | collaboration tools: Figma, Notion
The Second Day
Our team chose 'the barrier-free business track for *the weak' of Autocrypt. The mission was to use Autocrypt's technologies (vehicle-related security, data collection, real-time reservations/calls, etc.) to clear barriers when the weak moves. the track of autocrypt was more socially empathetic and thoughtful than other tracks (I think), so we was naturally able to choose the track.
*the weak → This word is right? I'm not good at writing in English, so let me know if it's wrong
Our team naem: assemble X. It feels a bit like 'active X'. | It's not our team's official logo, but I'm showing off
The second day we started development with the flow a day ago. I worried that the screens are too many to implement, but our designer gave us wireframes really fast, iOS developers could started to develope the screens.
The Last Day
Although there were meetings to review ideas from time to time, we decided to stick to our ideas. If we had a lot of time like Angel Hack, we could have discussed it further, but I think we couldn't help it for the deadline. I think it was a shame that I couldn't think of it more with my team members because we were pressed for time.
I thought it was due at 7 o'clock, but I was surprised to see the notice that we had to submit the final draft at 3 o'clock. The final draft was prepared in a hurry and our PM submitted the assignment by a minute. It was really a sweaty suspense itself. After the deadline, I always feel a strong sense of freedom like Korea independent. I think I do hackathon for this taste.
Hackathon, that hit the spot!

Our idea? Gilbert accompanying the transportation weak

JunctionX is a hackathon that foreigners can participate in, so it was all conducted in English. Therefore, we tried to name the project in English. Among some names, we chose 'Gilbert'. Because it can be a name of the companion in English and also mean the accompanied itself in Korean.
Why 'Companion'
We thought most of the barriers can be solved with the help of the people around the weak. For example, for the elderly who have difficult to use digital devices or for the impaired who have difficult to use public transportation alone. Even in places such as Japan where transportation for the impaired is well maintained, wheelchair users needed other people's help in most public transportation (refer this video).
set destination
set transportation
choose gilbert
So we decided to connect the weak with the person who can accompany them to the destination through technology. If you set up a destination and a means of transportation, Gilbert matches you with the person with the same destination as you.
Gilbert is available not only to the weak, but also to anyone in need, including foreign travelers who don't know the geography and women on their late way home. Some of the fees paid by users will be used to make Gilbert free of charge for the weak in transportation with financial difficulties.
go with gilbert
demo video
iOS version
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What I felt in this hackathon

Since the COVID-19, I participated in all developer events online such as open source events, developer conferences, and hackathon. In particular, hackathon has a fever offline and a stronger feeling of being together when faced with each other, it feels less like that online. However, I am grateful that I can participate in the event even in this situation(Corona Virus).
JunctionX was a hackathon with a high level of difficulty due to its difficult subject and tight time. However, starting with the starter kit, various events, and real-time sessions, I felt that the crew prepared a lot for this hackathon. It was also good to hold all events in English for foreign participants. Applause for everyone
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